Unpredicted Love is now LIVE!!

Unpredicted Love is Book 2 in the Love in Lockdown Chronicles though the books do interlink it can be read as a standalone, available on Amazon and FREE in KU. Blurb: Quinn Lawson just left her toxic corporate job.  All she needs is a little time to decompress and find herself again. And a four-week getaway to an idyllic, beautiful cottage in Devon seems like the perfect way to do it. Until she’s woken up by a handsome stranger entering her bedroom.  Callum Warren is on a serious time crunch with his manuscript.  He needs to escape, to get away from all the distractions in Camden Town. Some quiet time at his favourite writing sanctuary always does the trick. Only his plans fall flat when he discovers his home away from home was double booked.  With the global pandemic and a nationwide lockdown, they both decide to stay. Their attraction quickly becomes impossible to ignore. But the unboxing of Callum’s biggest secret could put an end to their connection. Will Quinn walk away from Callum, or will she hold on to this unpredicted love?

ANNOUNCEMENT: Double Cover Re-Reveal…

Where the Heart Is and Dysfunctional Hearts

Same heart-warming stories, brand new covers.

New paperbacks are now live and available on Amazon.

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Forever Embers Now Live!

Forever Embers is available on Amazon & FREE in kindle unlimited.

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Anniversary Sale Alert

What better way to start the week and celebrate the one year anniversary of Burning Embers than with a sale.

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Forever Embers Cover & Blurb Reveal

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Hearts of War: Important Announcement for KU Subscribers.

Hearts of War is only FREE in Kindle Unlimited for one more week before it is distributed wide.

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Signed Paperback Sale

Original Editions of Where the Heart Is & Hearts of War on Sale. If you love the original covers for Where the Heart Is & Hearts of War signed paperbacks are on SALE for a limited time only while stock lasts. Where the Heart Is Felicity Jamison could never have imagined how one fateful night would change her life. Compelled to stay away from the only place she’s ever felt at home, has meant losing her best friend and first love, Nate Davenport. Fate now intervenes leaving her with no other choice but to return. Not only does she harbour demons of her own, she carries with her a secret that threatens to destroy an entire family. Nate has experienced his fair share of grief, what he didn’t expect was for Felicity to walk back into his life, a mere shadow of the girl he used to know. Angry and hurt, the last thing he is willing to admit is how much he needs her. Will he risk turning to her for comfort? Together, can they move past a heart-breaking revelation or are they destined to be apart forever? Hearts of War War changes everything. It shatters dreams and unravels… Read More

Hearts of War, Cover Re-Reveal!!

Same heart-warming story, brand new cover…

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Burning Embers is LIVE!!

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It’s me, I’m now on TikTok…

I know, I did it. I caved, and created a TikTok account. Please come follow me. I’m super late to the party but we all know an authors biggest kryptonite is the power of procrastination. Please don’t let this all be in vain, I’d love to get to know you! COME FIND ME HERE ON TikTok

Book News

Can you believe it’s October already, how is that even possible? Don’t get me wrong like most I’m ready to see the back of 2020, not that I want to wish my life away, but 2020 has been one for the history books.

Well, I don’t know about you, but our pooch is ready for Halloween.

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Indie Author Spotlight

Hello, fellow book lovers. I hope you are well and keeping safe.

In the year of 2020, I feel the best form of escape now more than ever is between the pages of a good book.

Are you on the lookout for a new to you author and new book favourites? Then look no further Indie Author’s Book Services is hosting Spotlight blogs. Every week we feature a different indie author, this will include, their genre, a brief intro about them, a round of Q&A’s, a little flash fiction and the best part of all book giveaways.

Below you can find mine and the featured authors to date. You can sign up to the blog, so you don’t miss out, and best of all, you may find your new favourite, and in the process, you are helping to support independently published authors.

Indie Author Spotlights:

L.S. Pullen, Contemporary Romance and Historical Romance Author

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2018 Roundup – Favourite Reads

Here are my favourite reads of 2018. There were some new to me authors, as well as old favourites. And although I didn’t read as much as I would’ve liked, I wasn’t disappointed. Fingers crossed I’ll get to read more this year. Happy New Year & happy reading.

Where the Shadow Lies by Cassie Sharp

Folsom (End of Men Book 1 ) by Tarryn Fisher & Willow Aster

Tiny Drops by Dusti Dawn Rose

Jackal (End of Men Book 2) by Tarryn Fisher & Willow Aster

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Harley, a girls best friend.

October was a roller coaster of emotions for me for many reasons. And this is why…

Mondays can be sour as the weekends tend to feel like they aren’t long enough. We find ourselves wishing away the week until it’s Friday again. I hold my hands up, I’m as guilty as the next person but I’m working on changing my mindset.

It was a Monday when my day went from bad to worse. I’d received penalty parking notices and then to top it off, upon returning to my car that evening, after a long commute on the London Underground, I found my car had been broken into.
I didn’t realise it at the time but I think the universe was trying to set me up for an even bigger fall. This particular Monday was an epic fail. Read More

What I’m reading next?

Well thats as long as it is short.

I have decided to try to read one old book on my current to be read list for every new book. Read More

RARE18 London

I was fortunate enough to be amongst other readers and attended RARE18 London at London Olympia on the 24th February.
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Splendidly Scripted

I wanted to a do a massive shout out to the amazing and talented Naroba at Splendidly Scripted for my Author logo. Thank you so much I absolutely love it, and it’s so perfectly me. Read More

2017 Round Up – Favourite Reads

2017… What can I say the book world did us proud, from new to me authors, to debut authors and new releases by my all time favourites, it was a mixed bag. I managed to read over 70 books as well as a few re-reads and I still wanted to read more. Here is a round up of just a few of my favourites!

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