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Set in the outskirts of the beautiful English countryside. When childhood friends, Nate and Felicity, are forced to reunite years after they split ways, old feelings resurface, shaking their foundation.  Can they forgive each other for past hurts? Or will their devastating secrets cut the worn string that’s held them together all these years? – A second chance, contemporary romance. Click HERE

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Charlie Broadbent has no intentions of falling in love and ruining his life like his father did — until he meets Sophie Taylor. Friends become lovers… but do they have a future together? An emotional romance about love, loss, and redemption. – A friends to lovers, contemporary romance. Click HERE

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I wasn’t prepared for what would await me when I came to France, and I don’t mean the war. I mean the man.


War changes everything.

It shatters dreams and unravels families. It extinguishes—not just life, but love and hope and stability.

For Annalise Dubois, during the outbreak of World War II, life as she knows it ceases to exist. 

Bitter and unwilling to watch as her best friend and the love of her life start a family, Ana must make a choice: misery or change. 

After joining the war effort, being recruited by the SOE and training as a Secret Agent was not something she ever would have envisioned, but sitting back wallowing in her own grief was something she refused to return to.

Everything she ever thought she knew about love, loss, and family is tested to the brink. Finding herself behind enemy lines, and taking comfort in someone new, she must choose between her past or her present.

What will she do when everything around her falls apart?

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