For Rachel, finding love is complicated. She works hard to raise her daughter alone, and even if good, loyal men still existed, she finds it impossible to believe they’d want to sign on to a ready-made family.

Besides, with work and childcare schedules, dating is chaos.

Olly hides behind a flirty, tattooed bartender persona to keep women at arm’s length. His facade hides a dark past, plagued by tragedy. He deems it safer not to open up, worried he’ll become the monster who haunts his nightmares.

Besides, who would want a man with his scars and baggage?

When Rachel turns to Olly for help, they form an unlikely bond—one that grows deeper by the day. But Olly struggles to overcome his fears, and Rachel hesitates to allow the last of her walls to fall.

When walking away seems like the easiest route, their happiness depends on one thing—whether the love they’ve found is the kind that heals…or destroys.

This is the first book I’ve read from this author and I have to say I’m hooked! Olly and Rachel’s journey is a bit difficult at times. They have to struggle with deadbeat troubled ex’s, personal demons and so much more. I actually didn’t want this story to end. I feel like I could have read their story for days and days. — Courtney, 5* Review Goodreads.