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Felicity Jamison could never have imagined how one fateful night would change her life. Compelled to stay away from the only place she’s ever felt at home, has meant losing her best friend and first love, Nate Davenport.

Fate now intervenes leaving her with no other choice but to return.

Not only does she harbour demons of her own, she carries with her a secret that threatens to destroy an entire family.

Nate has experienced his fair share of grief, what he didn’t expect was for Felicity to walk back into his life, a mere shadow of the girl he used to know.

Angry and hurt, the last thing he is willing to admit is how much he needs her.

Will he risk turning to her for comfort?

Together, can they move past a heart-breaking revelation or are they destined to be apart forever?

“I absolutely loved this debut novel. This story is a journey with peaks and valleys, all leading to a beautiful destination. The pacing, plot, and character development were on point. I connected so much with Felicity, the main character.”

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“You’d better figure out where your heart is and hold onto it because this book is going to steal it!”

— Customer 5* Review (click for full review)