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All My Truths & One Lie isn’t like any of the other books I’ve previously read by Fabiola. This one is more weighted with inner struggles and emotional breakthroughs. And in my opinion, it’s her strongest one to date.

One thing Navia the main character seems to do, which many will resonate with, is self-sabotage and hiding from her inner self.

Learning acceptance and forgiveness for the things she cannot change, and the things she had no control over, do not come easy.

Until she meets Matthias, both of them are trying to deal with demons from their past.

But in one another, they find a great love. Their souls reunited once again.

You and I were born from the same star,” he whispers, his breath tickling my ear. “And we’ll return to it once again.

This book is bittersweet, in the best possible way and a worthwhile read. I look forward to seeing what Fabiola has in store for us next.

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A captivating story about love, family secrets, and self-discovery. 

I finally followed the life I always dreamed of. All of the pieces fell into an easy path, but the illusion of perfection hid the pain I was still carrying. 

Until I met him.

They say when you cross paths with a twin flame, everything changes. Matthias proved that to be true as he stripped me down, removing the illusion and baring every single truth I refused to look at. 

He was the love that could deconstruct my patterns. If only I could accept that the one lie I’ve believed my entire life is the only truth.