Beautiful and melancholy. J.R. Rogue continues to grow with her writing and goes from strength to strength. I am so glad to witness her raw talent. Her characters are real and flawed; they always resonate with me. I especially loved how Hunter and Sonnet are an older couple, more my age, it was refreshing to read—what a lovely end to the series.

“Her words are so melancholy, so sad. But I see a certain lightness in her.”


I’m not a song. I don’t have blue eyes like the girls you sing about. I have a blue soul.Sonnet Rosewood needs a new chapter–the kind that doesn’t remind her of anything she’s leaving behind in the Ozarks. So, when opportunity beckons to escape to the Great Smoky Mountains for a writing retreat, she answers with a firm yes. But the arrival of a decade-old and short-lived fling at the cabin changes everything. How quickly we push past the barriers we erected between ourselves for years.Recognizing the beautiful voice of the unexpected guest reminds her of his name, Hunter Hart: the man she wrote as forgettable, who vowed to show her he was anything but if given a second chance.Maybe you want the challenge more than you want the girl.What started as Sonnet’s attempt to escape her past thrusts her straight into the responsibilities of another’s, making their future sound more and more like the sad songs they’ve been writing together. While their passion is undeniable, their happily-ever-after is not. The single father’s rules leave little room for a different kind of love. And Sonnet has rules of her own–to never again wait for a man to open his heart to her.

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