A young adult book which touches on the extraordinary. With an interesting concept, this will have you thinking about life, love and the wonders of the universe.

It kind of reminded me of the film Fallen, with Denzel Washington, and yet it was different in so many ways.

I felt for A, jumping to a different body every day, although this gives A an insight into what makes people alike and yet so uniquely different.

Gender neutral, A falls in love with Rhiannon and has to come to terms with the harsh reality of the situation. Having no choice where A will be and how could they make it work in the grand scheme of things?

It’s not a favourite read of mine, and to be honest I can’t fault it. But it just didn’t connect with me, as it did with so many others, that being said so many can’t be wrong and I am still glad I read it.

If you are a lover of YA and want to read something which navigates away from the ordinary, then this is the book for you.

Every Day (Every Day 1) 
by David Levithan 
Link: http://amzn.eu/d/eoA75mx