It’s the morning after, and I am a train reck. A dystopian novel so powerfully brilliant, where the lines blur between reality, and fiction. It’s not like anything I expected, it’s unique, relevant, passionate, and raw.

Who does that? A collaboration duo of epic proportions—Fisher and Aster—that’s who! 

Flawlessly scripted with a precision that will pull you under with the power of a tidal wave, and hold you hostage like it’s your anchor. Simply breathtaking.

The onslaught of emotions throughout had my heckles raised, and my pulse racing, the palpitations I felt are by no means an exaggeration.

It will leave you on a precipice—a cliffhanger would be too kind of a word— read it now, and give yourself time to work through the barrage of thoughts, and emotions that will encompass you long after.

Believe me when I say you don’t even have to like Dystopian or even Romance novels to read this book, it has something for everyone, and you will love it. I was invested in these characters, and this book, a reality so close to home, where broken people strive to overcome adversity in a time of uncertainty and chaos. 

I ached for Folsom in a way I did not see coming, when I saw his vulnerability, it gutted me. 

Hell Yeah to Gwen, she is tenacious, feisty, resilient, intelligent, and yet a compassionate heroine.She gives new meaning to Rise of the Women, she brings hope—that two wrongs don’t make a right.

I guarantee you by the end, you’ll want to stand with Gwen, rise up, and fight for The End of Men.

An epic read, and this is only book one!

“Savour it, you’ll only get to read it for the first time once.”

Folsom (The End of Men Book 1) by Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster