Hate the Game, had me smiling from the get-go. Few romcoms have the power to keep me engaged, make me smile as well as laugh out loud.
But Holly most definitely hit the ground running with this fun, light and heartfelt read.
I loved Ava and Theo’s chemistry. Holly always has a way of making her characters real and relatable.

A refreshing romcom and one I desperately needed. To be honest I was sad when it was over.
I do have a question though, will there be a spin-off? Holland and Cade? Enquiring minds would like to know, cough, cough!
So, to round it up, if like me, you’re a Sophie Kinsella fan, then this is most definitely right up your alley.
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My official title: Relationship Consultant. A modern-day, one-sided matchmaker. When I approach relationships like a formula, it’s simple really. If only I had the same success in my personal life.

My gorgeous neighbor turns me into a fumbling mess, and I don’t exactly match the leggy, model-types I’ve seen him with. Despite the fact that we’re total opposites, our chemistry is almost hot enough to convince me to give the dating game another shot. (Not to mention, it’s totally off-brand to be a relationship skeptic.)

What could it hurt to practice what I preach? After all, Theo Hartley would be a fun specimen to practice with. And if things go south—which is my luck—I just have to remember what I tell my clients:

don’t hate the player…

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