Sometimes in life we build barriers and put up walls to protect ourselves from the world around us.
It’s easier to have control when there is a mutual understanding that long term, and intimacy is simply not an option. 

So what happens when you meet someone willing to climb that wall and abseil down the other side for you? 
All your instincts tell you to fight it, to protect yourself and that’s exactly what Lori did. Until fate intervenes bringing Steven back into her life, but this time as her best friends boyfriend.


It’s obvious A.D. McCammon wrote her heart and soul into this book, letting it seep into the pages, riddled with raw emotion and bittersweet turmoil.

No matter what your trajectory in life may be, it’s not always a direct route, and sometimes you’ll find yourself in The Gray!
This book will most definitely give you all the feels and although it’s third in the series it can easily be read as a stand alone.

In the Gray (In This Moment Book 3) 
by A.D. McCammon