Here are my June reads…

Cold & Broken, Relentless & Surrender (The Titans of Fonder’s Ridge) by Nichole Greene. The Bold and the Bullheaded by Willow Aster & Laura Pavlov. Will (Men of Bird’s Eye Book 2) by Kat Savage. Blurbs and purchase links below.


Cold & Broken (The Titans of Fonder’s Ridge Book 1)

“No one touches the new girl. No one befriends her. Otherwise they risk the wrath of the Titans.”

Moving her senior year of high school was not Lilith’s idea of a great plan. She would have much rather stayed with her best friend Zion for their final year of school. Her dad had different plans though; this new job was too good to pass up, and she knew she needed to go with him. 

Being thrown into a school of snobby rich kids, where she would even have to wear a uniform, seemed like an even worse idea. The icing on the cake, though, is Connor Volkov. He wants her gone and thinks siccing his friends Griffin, Levi, and Margaux on her will scare her off. But, if he wants her out of his life so badly, why does he keep butting into hers?

When he first saw Lilith, Connor realized two things: one, he wanted her, and two, he wanted her gone. Making her life at school hell should be enough to make her and her dad get out of his house. The more time he spends with her though, the more his desire for Lilith and her company grows. Realizing he doesn’t want to be the bad guy anymore, Connor has to convince Lilith he’s worth taking a chance on. But, can he show her he’s a lot more than cold comments and hot, stolen kisses? 



Relentless (The Titans of Founder’s Ridge Book 2) 

“The boy with the golden arm grew into a golden god, sent to make me atone for the sins of our past.”

The last person Ivy Bane expected to be her new stepbrother was Levi Marsh, the boy she had lost her heart and virginity to at summer camp two years before. Though she had been young, her feelings for him were real. Unfortunately, he seemed to have regretted sleeping with her and no longer wrote letters to her after that summer when she had given herself to him. 
Levi had never stopped caring for Ivy. Even though he never heard from her again after the summer when they lost their virginity, he had written her incessantly. He had worked hard to get over her but seeing her again proved that had not happened. So, rather than getting over her, he decided to do everything he could to get her back, and he couldn’t have been happier than when she finally would have him again.
Dark forces in their lives though don’t want them to be happy. Ivy and Levi would lose each other again and be forced apart for years. But, when work brings them back together in adulthood, Levi sees his chance to have his Ives back. He still loves her, so why shouldn’t they try to make it work? As life tries to rip them apart time and time again, will their love for each other be enough to keep them together?



Surrender (The Titans of Founder’s Ridge Book 3)

“If we’re doing this, we’re doing it right. You are mine. My partner. My toy. Nothing comes between us.”

Griffin Potter knew his best friend’s sister, Claire Volkov, was off limits. No matter how much he enjoyed their one amazing night together, she was the forbidden fruit he could never have. But, as soon as she walked into his office asking for a favor, he realized the connection they shared was still there, strong as ever. But, he would ignore the internal voice screaming for him to claim her. Between his friendship with Connor and his known BDSM proclivities, there would be no way Connor would ever be okay with him and Claire being together.

Claire thought about her night with Griff more than she wanted to admit; the sexy, dominant man was the one she couldn’t have, but she had bigger things to worry about at the moment. She was facing her own demons: an illness that could cut her life short and was currently cutting short the dancing career that she had worked so hard to build. That’s why she came to Griff, to ask for his help in allowing her career to continue as long as possible. 

As they face Claire’s illness and enemies together, the pull between them becomes undeniable and into temptation they fall. They fall easily into each other’s lives and find what they have both been looking for. Will they be able to make it past each of their own hang ups to be together? Or will they each be left to suffer in heartbreak alone?



The Bold and the Bullheaded: The G.D. Taylors Series

A bullheaded alpha. The bane of my existence. I can’t escape him no matter how hard I try. 
I don’t do feelings.
Especially not with an arrogant, broody Taylor brother.
But one moment of weakness on an elevator wrecks me.
I curse his name.
I curse said elevator.
Yet I find myself wanting to be trapped in a small space with Spence Taylor again.
And don’t even get me started on his day job.
The man can do just about anything with those hands.
Those big hands, and er—big feet.
I digress.

Emma Kingsley is the most infuriating woman I’ve ever known.
Stubborn, arrogant, and sexy as sin.
She drives me crazy.
And she’s determined to hate me.
The funny thing is—I can’t get enough.
But the woman has more walls up than the royal palace.
Lucky for her, I make a living tearing down walls.
And I just found my favorite project.
Time to renovate, Queenie.



Will (Men of Bird’s Eye Book 2)

Willette Archer has a secret—though some would argue how well kept it actually is. As right-hand woman and best friend to the owner of Bird’s Eye Tattoo Studio, her job has become her whole life. So, she occupies her days with shop decisions to avoid her disappointing dating life.Of course, that might also have something to do with her two-decade old infatuation with her aforementioned best friend’s older brother.

Derek Tanner is at a loss—with basically everything. His apartment lease is up, most of his belongings are somewhere in storage, and the good doctor has been pulling extra shifts at the hospital due to lack of staff. So, yeah. His life is chaos. Thanks to these wonderful circumstances, dating is nowhere on his radar. When his little brother suggests he stay in Willette’s spare room for the time being, he’s both grateful and hesitant. Sure, he grew up with Will too, but they’ve never been as close—let alone in close quarters. It doesn’t take very long for Doctor Derek to start seeing Will in a new light. This makes him think perhaps he should be examined.

Will, on the other hand, is this close to feigning injury just so he’ll touch her already.When boundaries are crossed and relationships are finally taken to the next level, will Willette get exactly what she’s been hoping for since childhood, or will her fantasy be forever ruined?