Here are my March reads…

Luck, Love, Faith 4Clover series by Shauna McDonnell. The Calm Within by Crystal A Blanton. Adler’s Hart by Misty Walker. Sinners’ Retreat by V.K. Ellis. Miss Agnes is Missing by T. Ashley. Mad Cruel World by Cruel Ink Publishing. To have and to Hold by CC Monroe & KD Robichaux. Thirty, Flirty, Not Sorry by Brigitte Ann Thomas. The Playboy Series by J. Sterling. The Wicked Prince by Claire Contreras.

Luck, Love & Faith 4Clover Series by Shauna McDonnell

Luck (4Clover, #1)

A sweet and steamy rockstar romance…

“Valentines Day can go suck a dick!”

It’s Valentines Day and Ella Andrews is in her best ‘bring him to his knees’ dress, ready to ride her boyfriend’s train all the way to Funky Town. Only… her train has already left the station and is currently ‘choo-choo-ing’ in someone else’s love tunnel. 

So, with her best friend in tow, she heads out on the town, determined not to wallow over, just another asshole. She pledges to remain a single pringle, but that’s before she falls head over heels (literally) for a sexy Irish musician named Cian Mulligan. 

Cian’s completely entranced by the beautiful girl in the red dress. Using his sexy as sin smile, and tattooed covered arms, he convinces Ella to spend the night in his hotel bed; only to wake up the next day and find her gone. Six years pass before the pair meets again.

Is it luck? Or divine intervention? 


Love (4Clover, #2)

He was my first kiss, first love, and first heartbreak. 
The prince to my modern-day fairytale and my brother’s best friend. 
We loved so hard, so deep, and fiercely; but it wasn’t enough. His demons were too vicious. I tried everything to save him, be the light he needed to escape the dark. But, in the end, his demons, and the ones I didn’t know I had, won. 
Today I’m getting married… And not to the one I love. 

Loving her was paradise. Losing her was inevitable. Alcohol destroyed my life, it corrupted my childhood and stole my adolescence. It robbed me of my future, the one that belonged to her. A man so broken could never hold someone so beautiful in his palms. She was—and still is, the only woman capable of healing the deepest of my scars, but I lost her. If only I had known the price she paid to save me, would rob her of the one thing she always wanted. Happily ever after. 

Is it too late for Cillian and Rosie to get the fairytale ending? Or is their love, simply not enough? 


Faith (4Clover, #3

He promised he would prove I am worthy of an epic love story. ⁣
One that would rival every romance book I ever read. ⁣
He gave me the meet-cute then became my villain.⁣
When I thought our story was destined for a tragic end, he hit me with a plot twist. ⁣
Ciaran Maguire, the drummer boy with a hero complex. All he wants to do is love me, but how do I let him do that when I can’t even love myself. ⁣

I promised her an epic love story.⁣
One that would blow those books she reads out of the water.⁣
I knocked down her walls and stormed into her castle. ⁣
We were ready to ride off into the sunset — or so I thought. ⁣
One stupid decision screwed it all up, now she’s hellbent on saving herself.⁣
She can push me away; fight me with her sassy attitude and sarcastic comebacks, but I’m not going anywhere. ⁣
Lily O’Shea may not need a hero, but she’s getting one anyway. ⁣

“Let yourself love me, Lily. I dare you.”⁣


The Calm Within by Crystal A Blanton

When you are lucky enough to find love, take it in both hands and hold onto it like it’s your lifeline.

Don’t let go. 

Don’t let it slip through your fingers.

My name is Kinsley Carmichael. I’m one of the fortunate ones, I found my true love. 
I experienced it, felt it, tasted it. 
He was my best friend, my soul-mate. 
Life without him would be incomplete.

So what happens when that love is taken away? 

Is it possible to come back from something like that? 

Is it possible to want to move on?

Can a person be granted more than one chance of an all-consuming love in one lifetime? 

I’m not sure, and I don’t know if I have the strength to find out.

This is my story… in all of its tragic glory. 


Adler’s Hart by Misty Walker

If you have no heart, it won’t get broken.
Fate sends Adler one anyway.

I’m a loner.
Never getting too comfortable or allowing anyone to get too close.
So when I log onto the hook-up app on my last night in Ketchikan, Alaska,
I assume it’ll be a quick lay before I go south for the winter.
That is until I see the man who shows up at my door.
He’s young, wide-eyed, and perfect.

All I wanted was a one-night stand with no attachment,
I should’ve known things would be different with a man named Hart.
And after the best night of my life, I’m desperate to run.
Except we’re snowed in.

I try to keep him at a distance.
But there’s something about him that has me opening up,
letting him in against my better judgement.

Suddenly I don’t want to be alone anymore.
I want to be with him.
My Hart.


Sinners’ Retreat by V.K. Ellis


Five couples are barricaded inside of an old Victorian home in an isolated vineyard. Lured there with the promise of a relaxing retreat, they quickly learn the organizer has ulterior motives.

While ten ‘innocent’ people have walked willingly into this retreat, not all of them will have the ability to walk out.

One by one each of the guests are forced to describe which of the Seven Deadly sins they have committed. The leader of this charade wants them to pay for those sins with their life. 

Because this is a game for sinners. And sinners must die.



Miss Agnes is Missing by T. Ashley

Victoria begins to see the dead at an incredibly young age and it both shocks and consumes her. Rightfully so, her brother, the only person that knows about her secret, nicknames her “Crowe” when she decides that she will use it for good by becoming a Homicide Detective. At the age of eight, she meets her favorite dead person, Miss Agnes. Miss Agnes sticks around well into Victoria’s adulthood – becoming one of her best friends. One night, Miss Agnes finally tells her daunting story and as more clues unravel about her death, she goes missing. Victoria is riddled with confusion and must solve her biggest case yet: where is Miss Agnes and why did she go missing.


Mad Cruel World, A Dystopian Romance Anthology

What happens when the world goes completely dark with no explanation as to why?

An Anthology from multiple authors.


To Have and to Hold by CC Monroe & KD Robichaux

We were warned about the seven-year itch. It never came —thank God. But nobody warned us about what can come between man and wife when life gets in the way. Kids, jobs, jealousy, and more. 
I was afraid the new woman he hired was going to fuel that jealousy inside me. She wanted him, and I knew it, felt it. I couldn’t miss those green eyes looking him over as if he were prey. 
He was the most prominent plastic surgeon on the Vegas Strip; he saw beautiful women every day. But would this one, the leggy brunette who so obviously wanted to wreck the home I wasn’t sure was already broken or not, snake her way in?
Now I had to compete for the love of my life on the eve of our last attempt to save our marriage—our vow renewal ceremony.
It was time to remind my husband I wasn’t just a mom and housewife.
I was the woman who tamed the beast, and I’d do it again. 


The Wicked Prince by Claire Contreras

My job was to clean up his reputation and find him a wife. 

It was supposed to be easy, but nothing about Prince Aramis was ever easy. 

I was about to throw in the towel when he came up with a solution: I’d be his pretend girlfriend. Forget the fact that I was sort of seeing someone, or that I had no interest in joining the royal family. Once Aramis sets his eyes on something, there’s no use in fighting him on it, besides, in a way it would make my job a little easier.

I accept the offer but set boundaries. Boundaries that Aramis is intent on testing. Before either of us know what’s happening, the lines start to blur and I can no longer tell the difference between pretend and reality. 

My job on the line is one thing, but losing my heart to Aramis was never in the cards.


Thirty, Flirty, Not Sorry by Brigitte Ann Thomas

On the cusp of her thirtieth birthday, Reeghan Jones is done settling for lackluster sex and men who couldn’t find the g-spot with a map and step-by-step directions. She is over making herself smaller to fit into someone else’s life. She is through with men telling her how to dress, how to behave, and what to eat.

She likes her foul mouth, eating greasy bar food, and getting a little too drunk with her best friend at their weekly bitch fest.

Taking a break from exclusivity, she dives down the rabbit hole of online dating and casual hookups.

She gets so caught up in her new lifestyle that she doesn’t notice the man waiting in the wings for her to come to her senses.
Until he decides that he’s tired of waiting and takes matters into his own hands.


The Playboy Series by J.Sterling