I thoroughly enjoyed the Relentless Series by Karen Lynch, so when I heard about Pawn. I made sure to pre-order and the day it hit my kindle, I read it within a couple of hours. I then re-read a few from her previous series over the course of a week.

If you like books about Fae and magic, where different worlds collide, then check it out.


Jesse James is a normal eighteen-year-old, even if her parents are the best faerie bounty hunters in New York. Jesse’s only concern is how to pay for college, but that changes the night her parents disappear.

Equipped with her parents’ weapons and her own smarts, Jesse enters the dangerous world of bounty hunting in search of her mother and father. In her quest, she encounters all manner of Fae, but the scariest is Lukas, the mysterious, imposing faerie who offers to help her find her parents.

But there are powerful forces at work, and Jesse is about to become a player in a dangerous game that could decide the fate of everyone she loves. In this world of magic and deception, it’s hard to tell her allies from her enemies in the race to find her parents before their time runs out.

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