Dark, Dead Stars, was more than a 5* Read for me, and easily a solid favourite.

There are twists and turns you won’t see coming. Cassie weaves a web so well constructed you’ll find yourself questioning everything you think know.

Her words are a symphony for the eyes, and pure wonder for the mind. Her writing so expertly choreographed, it flows with a raw and natural beauty. 

She draws you in to a new world and it’s so easy to forget the one around you.

There’s a moment when you begin reading something that’s expertly penned where your heart kicks up, your eyes perk to attention, and your mind sharpens. It’s as if your spirit realizes a gift has been given, and suddenly everything else ceases to exist. Your world narrows down to twenty-six letters, jumbled with calculated mastery—its end result nothing short of pure art

To quote her own words this sums up how her writing makes me feel.

I can’t recommend this book enough, and look forward to following Alexa Storm and seeing what else this phenomenal author has in store for us.

Dark, Dead Stars—a gripping Psychological Thriller about a woman who stalks serial killers and the psychopath hell-bent on stopping her.


It only takes a second to die. Or to kill…

Alexa Storm, a self-diagnosed psychopath, is no stranger to murder. The Death Chaser, as critics like to call her, has spent her career following serial killers around the country, blogging about their victims.

Drawn to the choppy shores of the Pacific, Alexa discovers a community that harbors a dark secret… For the last year, someone has been killing homeless men in a brutal, ruthless fashion. And nobody is trying to stop it.

But Gray’s Harbor doesn’t like outsiders. Especially ones who ask questions.

With a rising body count, and her efforts to find answers thwarted at every turn, it’s not long before Alexa earns the attention of a vicious predator.

Will she uncover the truth in time to save herself from becoming the next victim?

Or will the pull for revenge turn her into the very type of monster she’s hunted her whole life?

Because under the right circumstances, anyone can become a killer.