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When Cat and Lawrence are brought back together after almost a decade, it soon becomes evident their feelings for one another are still as raw as ever. But Cat is now with Steven, and he is everything she wants on paper.

Feeling conflicted, she tries to fight and deny how she feels about Lawrence but they have history one which never really found closure.

It’s far from easy following your heart, especially when there is a third person involved. However, Amber manages to tell this story with delicate decorum. With added angst and tension she manages to evoke all the feels.

For those who give until it hurts. Sometimes it’s okay to be a little selfish.

Selfish for Love (In This Moment Book 4) by A.D. McCammon 

“When it comes to love, even wrong can be right.”

The dependable Catelyn Shea plays by the rules. A natural people pleaser—the perfect daughter, sister, friend, and girlfriend—she always places everyone’s needs above her own.

Until Lawrence.

Love has a way of making us forget ourselves, and Catelyn is willing to risk the consequences to share one forbidden night with her first love.

Lawrence Grier was never supposed to fall in love with Catelyn, and he’s spent years trying to let her go. When a tragedy brings her back into his life, all those buried feelings resurface, and this time, he’s refusing to hold back—no matter the cost.

As secrets begin to emerge, Catelyn finds herself questioning how big of a toll she’s prepared to pay—especially when it could mean disappointing the people closest to her.

Can she put her own happiness above everyone else and be selfish for love?

***This book can be read as a standalone***