There’s so much I won’t tell you about this book, because I don’t do spoilers unless they’re already in the synopsis, but in this case I didn’t read the synopsis, or even a review.

It did however come highly recommended, so I purchased a copy, added it to my bookshelf, and moved on.

Until now that is—yes I know I was late to the party—but there is no greater feeling than when you read a book for the very first time. 

Yes this is YA and yet the characters are not stereotypes, they are individuals in their own right, and I loved that.

It is both devastating, and beautiful a mixture of intricate puzzle pieces that don’t quite fit together, not until the very end, it’s not rushed or a fast paced read, it’s controlled, and everything about it is significant.

I can’t help but be drawn to tortured souls and flawed characters, they resonate with me—to me they feel the most real.

Life is hard, it isn’t perfect, it’s unexpected, and yet beautiful, it’s kind, and made up of infinite moments, and yes just like this book, its made up of second chances.

I was left feeling a lot of different emotions, but what I liked the most was the very last sentence, it was exactly as it was meant to be—The Sea of Tranquility.

The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel by Katja Millay