Tiny Drops is one of those rare books, which hold so many poignant messages. Living with an invisible illness of any kind comes with a stigma attached and numerous misconceptions.

It’s refreshing and liberating to see the invisible made visible. Both enlightening and captivating, this is a story of first and foremost self-discovery.

Told in three parts, over the course of fifteen years, from the time of Brice’s diagnosis, of falling in love, loss and acceptance.

It truly is a captivating read. Heart wrenching and beautiful.

Dusti bleeds onto these pages, pouring her heart and soul into every word.

I never thought it possible to want to meet a character as much as Bernard. His charisma, wit and life knowledge make him such a monumental part of this story.

“I hated the finger pricks the most, too,” he says softly, seemingly lost in the past. “But don’t you ever forget what those tiny drops add up to.” His words become stronger, challenging me to listen, begging to be understood. “Those tiny drops of blood are a small sacrifice for the years that you’ll get because of them. You can and will have a full, healthy life if you do what it takes.”

Harrison is the perfect partner for Brice. Seeing how much he loves her, will have you as emotionally invested as I was. It will leave you with all the feels.

There is something in here for everyone, what are you waiting for? One-click this now!

Tiny Drops by Dusti Dawn Rose