Undeveloped this book is not! As soon as it hooks you in, it won’t release its grip until the very end, and even then I assure you, you’ll want more.

A sweet and thought-provoking read, with mixed timelines and character point of views which flowed so wonderfully well together.

I’m not going to give anything away, all I’m going to say is just give this book a chance.

I’m so pleased to be witness to K.Leigh’s writing journey and cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!

I cannot recommend this author or this book enough!



Lia Winegar and her aunt have always been thick as thieves, as close as a niece and aunt could be.

Now, fresh out of high school, Lia plans to spend her last summer at home before going away to college. But as one chapter of her life closes, another begins.
When she stumbles upon one of her Aunt Natalie’s old journals—along with a faded photograph of a man she’s never seen before—Lia realizes her aunt’s life isn’t the open book she always thought it was.
Natalie isn’t the only one with a secret, though.
Lia still hasn’t told her family just how far she plans to go; and while she unearths her aunt’s whirlwind story through a firsthand account, she discovers some truths of her own.

As the forgotten story of one summer unfolds, how much of each woman’s tale will remain undeveloped? 

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