I love the way Kat writes her characters to life. Both Dani and Lucas resonated with me early on, and I found myself invested. Their chemistry kept me intrigued and turning those pages.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading some of Kats poetry which is powerful in its own right. And her first novel For Now, which I enjoyed but With this Lie is easily my favourite of the two.

Not your typical romance, which is both refreshing and welcome. It was a quick steady read and not drawn out unnecessarily; she made each word count. It held just the right amount of tension and angst.

I particularly enjoyed how she managed to weave Dani’s love for music in too.

“I’m thinking I will miss these lips when they’re gone,” he says, brushing his fingers over my lips as he says it. “I’m thinking I will miss these kisses, the touch of your skin, your warmth. I’m thinking one day they will go. I’m thinking one day I will no longer get to do this with you and it will make me sad.”

^^^That right there. Honestly, you’ll be missing out by not reading this book.

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Synopsis ~

Dani Monroe is more than just another jaded woman. Her veins run deep with every reason to never fall in love. If her mother taught her anything, it was how easily a betrayal is earned. After a childhood spent learning that lesson, it’s the only truth she knows. Now, as a woman with needs, she strictly dates married men. She knows what she is getting with them—all of the fun and none of the feelings—and that’s how she likes it.

Lucas Kane has only ever been in love once. Disloyalty followed soon after and he wants no part of “a future” with anyone ever again. But having the same conversation with different women became redundant. So he slipped on a wedding ring, and soon realized there were many women out there very attracted to married men. Those same women asked no questions when it came time to say goodbye. So he carries on like this—faking a married life and fooling around.

A chance encounter brings the two together and while it sounds like a match made in heaven, both are leery, with cynical hearts. What happens when two people hell bent on avoiding love find themselves falling? How many lies have they told? Will the truth set them free, or rip them apart?