Write You A Love Song, is a light-hearted, sweet and easy read. Set in the small town of Everton, Wyoming. Where country star Knox, was born and raised. He returns to take a hiatus from his failed marriage. He must now accept by choosing to marry the wrong woman, he ended up losing the love of a good woman in return.

After Ainsley caught her boyfriend cheating she threw a dart at a map to decide her fate. And was led to the small town of Everton. Struggling to make friends outside of work and with Knox, brooding as he tries to remain isolated, they form a friendship, and their feelings toward one another grow.

Fabiola doesn’t fail to deliver as she leads us into what I’m sure will be another great series.  


What’s a girl to do after burning all of her no-good, cheating boyfriend’s belongings? Throw a dart at a map and start over in a new town.

I may be new to the small town of Everton, but I’m well aware that I now share a zip code with a celebrity. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know, Knox Bentley, one of country music’s biggest stars.

When Knox wanders into my bar— careful brown eyes and broody attitude—I can’t tear my gaze away. A cheating scandal fresh on his heels is just one reason I should stay far, far away, but the closer we get, the more I realize he’s not at all what I imagined.

But being a famous musician comes with unwanted attention…the kind that tears people apart, and now it’s becoming too painful to stay by his side.

They say love is a choice, but so is leaving…

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